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Milluxe and Sons provide a top-class luxury concierge service to comfort athletes & celebrities. We are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and are known by our best service delivery throughout the world. Looking for exclusive luxury? You have come to the right platform. We deliver worldwide concierge services to enhance the life experiences of our prestigious clients. Our team rightly applies the principles of cultural knowledge to make your dreams come into reality.
We offer the following list of services:

Artist Guidance
Private Jet Charter
Yacht Charter
Luxury car Service
VIP Access
Personal Shopping
Real Estate / Relocation
Fine Art
​Luxury Travel

Milluxe and Sons are known by its three core values, i.e., integrity, dedication, and sincerity. We have a large network of clients and have gained an excellent reputation by delivering the most exceptional quality service. Apart from offering our connecting services, we also arrange luxury events for our clients. The activities range from fashions shows to exhibitions and sports competitions. We work in close connection with large and well-known companies and other influential private customers to facilitate our clients. As a result, we help you to contact top-class luxury. We ensure that everything is organized and arranged until the last detail. You can call us, right away for further information as we are available 24/7/365 to facilitate our clients.