Independent IP (IIP) BV


Independent IP (IIP) B.V is the company behind FUGA. We are a technology company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We’re building solutions and infrastructure for the music industry, and any other industry that produces digital content.

FUGA is a Digital Music Business Management Platform that powers companies dealing with digital music and lets them operate under their own brand in the market place. With FUGA, content owners become a member of a global community of music companies and professionals. FUGA provides all the tools to manage the day-to-day operations needed to run a successful digital music business, with unprecedented control over their music on the internet.

Use your imagination and think of FUGA as a “Digital Product Factory”, where you can host all your media in a safe environment and very quickly “assemble” a variety of Digital Products like albums, compilations etc. from "Digital Assets" (audio tracks, video, still images and meta data.). With FUGA, you manage your catalogs, allowing you to Pick, Pack and Ship your products with ease.