HOPE Entrepreneurship

  • Zakelijke Dienstverlening

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Leiden University aspire to develop a robust and innovative center for entrepreneurship through the Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE). The center incorporates entrepreneurship training in the education programs of the three universities together and in the programs at each individual university. The unique combination of universities is the ideal basis for innovative entrepreneurship education. HOPE is a program at the three universities (Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden) with its own management team and board of directors. Working from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Hendrik Halbe is the executive director of the program. Each university also established its own internal HOPE organization referred to as Centers of Entrepreneurship. Their remit includes coordinating and executive tasks. The main objective of HOPE is to foster groundbreaking entrepreneurship. HOPE’s objectives are based on an analysis of the existing educational programs and comparing them with the ambitions and potential of the three partner Universities: - renewal and expansion: presenting challenging content, work forms and learning environments - promotion of an entrepreneurial culture at the universities. This will encourage students and staff to think in terms of how to put their individual and collective knowledge to sound economic advantage