Finals Social Impact Lab 2018!

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Finals Social Impact Lab 2018!
Sep 25
Stad: Rotterdam
Locatie: Blue City, Rotterdam

The end is near; the final of Social Impact Lab 2018 is around the corner… After two international review rounds 10 start-ups and 3 scale-ups have made it through to the final!

As you probably know, Social Impact Lab is a challenge for social enterprises with a social mission. This year, 194 start-ups and scale-ups took part in the Social Impact Lab. The participants came from Germany, Austria, Turkey and the Netherlands. During the finals, the finalists will pitch their business cases and show how their idea will have a social impact on society.

The jury will announce three start-ups and one scale-up as the winners of Social Impact Lab 2018! The winners will receive a money prize, two years of support by PwC and the possibility to use PwC’s office facilities. The finals will be hosted by Hanna Verboom, an actress who has a clear passion for social entrepreneurship and runs her own social entrepreneurship as well.

We would really like to welcome you in Rotterdam to enjoy the inspiring pitches by the social entrepreneurs. Please subscribe via this link.

Where? Blue City, Rotterdam

When? September 25, 2018

Time? 15.00 – 18.00 h

We are happy to present you the finalists of the Social Impact Lab finals 2018:

Scale-up track:

Kromkommer makes different kind of soups out of fruits and veggies that otherwise would have been wasted because of their looks or overproduction.

Good4Trust is a combined social media and marketplace platform, connecting socially and ecologically just producers with likeminded co-prosumers.

Active Cues developed games for specific target groups, such as people with dementia, people with learning disabilities, or children with autism. These games are played via a beamer on a ‘Tovertafel’.

Start-up track:

Ava is an app that works by connecting multiple smart devices and using the microphones to capture the audio from a conversation. It then uses speech recognition and speaker identification technologies to translate the conversation into text, so that the deaf person can see on their device, ‘who’ says ‘what’.

Beermatties is on a mission to make beer production 100% circular and inclusive and to create jobs for people with a distance to the labour market. Beermatties makes biodegradable beer
coasters, beer labels, festival promotion materials and secondary packaging from brewers waste instead of using trees.

Coolfinity has developed a fridge that needs only 6 hours of power to cool 24 hours per day to keep medication, dairy, food and drinks cold under harsh tropical conditions in upcoming markets.

[email protected] is an educational program and digital platform for schools and teachers about 21 century skills and sustainability.

GiantLeaps created The GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool which is an automated tool for corporate caterers that reports, manages and reduces the climate impact of the food served in

Goodbag is a smart and reusable shopping bag with an NFC/RFID chip or unique barcode that rewards its users for bringing their own bag and plants trees for the reusable bags being sold and used.

Kodluyoruz first identifies socio-economically disadvantaged, but driven and talented youth and then prepares them to succeed in the tech sector through two main strategies: bootcamps and the Alumni Club.

KOPPL directly connects the request for personal support to the most relevant organization in the neighborhood, via KOPPL kiosks (pillars) on public places, the KOPPL App or KOPPL online.

MUMO offers an affordable, reusable, natural and respectful alternative to plastic. Mumo is reusable up to 100 times and it helps people to realize the effects of single use plastics.

Volunteer Vision is an automated online volunteering platform that matches participants, features video chat interaction, provides admin tools, and measures impact for the society and the employee/employer based on academic research methods.

Hope to see you the 25th!

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