Which way do you spin?

Which way do you spin?
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Why are people the way that they are? Why do some people want to understand everything while others are fine with not knowing? Why are some people impulsive while others are careful planners? And why does entrepreneurship seem to come natural to some while it is so unnatural to others? This blog will answer these questions partially and will help you to train/use the part of your brain in which you are not dominant.

Left or right brain thinker?

To start please take a close look at the moving picture of the dancer below (copy link). Ask yourself the question in which direction she is spinning, clockwise or counter clockwise?


I personally see the dancer spinning clockwise all the time. Which means that my right brain is more active than my left brain. After trying for a while I managed to see her spinning counter clockwise and was able to switch between the two. When I looked at the picture after a while it would be spinning clockwise again.

Right brain thinkers

The article by Lifehack describes which functions belong to each part of the brain. It suggests that I am an impulsive, emotional and creative thinker. I tend to be intuitive, am interested in the unexplained and apparently I prefer cats over dogs… I this sense I am (according to the Lifehack article) holistic, fantasy orientated and I need concrete things to process information.

Left brain thinkers

If you perceived the dancer spinning counter clockwise you are probably a more rational person. You are a logical thinker and plan most things you do, preferably with a to-do list. Left brain thinkers tend also to be more precise, realistic and are mostly dog lovers… You are a linear thinker, process information in order and you deal with reality the way it is.

The left-right brain myth

It is worth to mention that these are generalizations. Not a single person is fully left or right brain thinking. And even if you lean more towards one side you can definitely have characteristics of the other side. But it can be insightful to see where you lean towards more and how you can stimulate the other part of your brain. A simple exercise to train this is for example to do daily activities (sport) with your non dominant hand/foot. 


So what can we say about these characteristics in relation to entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs sometimes need to be creative to find solutions where others to not see them. Also intuition seems to be an important aspect in discovering and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities. This suggests that right brain thinkers are better entrepreneurs.

But also the need for planning, logic and rational thinking is recommended when starting a business. This is also the contradiction to which Bricola pays a lot of attention, planning vs. action. In some cases it can be essential to have a detailed plan but in other cases it can be better to learn by doing while staying flexible. So also left brain thinkers can have essential characteristics relating to entrepreneurship.

We can conclude that it also depends on the type of person and thinker that you are which method is better suited for the specific situation. I think that a good balance is the key. Every person has a different approach and a different way of thinking which can add to each other.

So if you are a more creative and intuitive person try to find a more rational business partner. But if you have a strong feeling you belong to the left brain thinkers, in that case it can be wise to work together with a person who is creative and impulsive!