Startup van de maand: NA-KD

Startup van de maand: NA-KD
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Redactie Young Startup
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NA-KD is a Scandinavian online shop with both external brands and private labels that owes its success mainly to influencer marketing. Soon they will officially announce the launch in the Netherlands. Nina Box, Benelux Marketing Manager at NA-KD, will share some nice details with us by answering the following questions.

Who is behind NA-KD?

NA-KD was launched in early 2016 by Jarno Vanhatapio, who has previously founded the successful Nordic e-commerce platform Working more than 15 years in fashion e-commerce, he is extremely good at capturing the trends that exist among millennials and is a pioneer in influencer marketing. NA-KD has since the start attracted more than €60 million in funding from international venture capital firms such as Northzone, Partech eEquity and FJ Labs. The team consists of more than 150 talented people from all over the world that live and breathe fashion, styling, production and social media every day.

What is the concept of NA-KD?

NA-KD is an online direct-to-consumer (DTC) fashion brand targeting female millennials with "stylish, affordable clothing". The company's items are mainly marketed through their own social media channels and collabs with social influencers.
NA-KD’s goal is to make online shopping exciting and inspiring, more than just adding an item in a shopping cart. While being a global brand from day one, NA-KD aims to localize the experience for customers to get a more authentic, personal connection. Popular influencers including Dutch influencers Anna Nooshin and Kae Sutherland are sources of inspiration for various collections and looks.

What is your business model?

NA-KD’s business model is B2C, focusing on the improvement of the shopping experience through sharing exclusive items and creative social content, but also through listening to customers needs which can differ from market to market.
NA-KD’s culture is obsessed about providing the best possible experience for the customer, with key words centered around execution, simplicity and newness.

How deeply developed is NA-KD?

NA-KD has raised more than €60M across several funding rounds and has surpassed an annual revenue run rate of €100M. Within three years from its launch, NA-KD is considered as one of the 20 fastest growing companies in Europe and has more than 2M followers on instagram. The Nordics, DACH and the BENELUX region are considered as the main markets.

Where do you want to stand in five years?

NA-KD is continuously raising the bar for social e-commerce and will continue rolling out NA-KD as a global brand with more investment in a localized market approach, including the use of more local influencers and community-building. Only a few fashion brands have managed to become a part of the daily lives of millennials. NA-KD wants to become the point of reference for fashion where its global female audience can fulfill all its fashion needs. NA-KD will keep showing customer commitment to delivering inspiring campaigns, using social media at the forefront. The company is also highly focused on projects to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

What are your learning moments so far?

NA-KD started as an online private label, but is also available in several offline stores as our brand store in Amstelveen. A key learning is around how the offline and online parts need to be fully connected in terms of customer approach and communication.

What do you still want to mention about NA-KD?

The work culture is characterized by a lot of responsibility, where employees, often young talents, are given the opportunity to develop their abilities quickly in Europe's most exciting fashion e-commerce brand. NA-KD is always searching for more talented people, so checkout the career page ( for open positions!