How to Create a Unique Logo

How to Create a Unique Logo
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So it’s time for you to design your logo. With so many existing businesses and logos, it can be hard to figure out how to create a unique logo. A logo is so much more than just an icon to express your business’ name; it’s representative of your brand, your product, and you. It’s the face of your business. Your logo’s design can determine how and when potential consumers think of your brand. Studies show that we prefer brands we can recognize immediately. The more unique your logo is, the more likely consumers are to recognize it. Whatever your logo ends up looking like, you don’t want to get lost in a sea of businesses.

The question remains: how do you design a logo that’s unique? Keep reading to find out our top tips for interesting and creative logo design.


You should begin the process of logo design by figuring out what you want. Do you have a name for your business? Do you have a slogan? Will you include a symbol? What words come to mind when describing your business and brand? Do you want your brand to be fun and silly or professional and serious? Write down all the words and images you want associated with your brand. This is a good place to start because it will help you decide on colors, symbols, and fonts further down the line.

Look at Your Competition

There are a few reasons that looking at your competitors logos is important. Firstly, you don’t want to have a logo which is too similar to your competitors’. This might make your potential consumers think that your brands are interchangeable. It also means that your logo might be less memorable. Finally, it could also make it seem as though you copied your competitors’ logo. This could make you seem lazy, unoriginal, and disrespectful.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t look to your competitors for inspiration. If you see common themes within your industry, they might exist for a reason. This research could show you branding conventions expected in your industry. Don’t feel limited by these conventions though; it’s the unique logos which are more noticeable and memorable.

Do Your Research

Each component of a logo means something different. Colors, shapes, fonts, style, and size can all contribute to the way your logo is interpreted. There are a lot of resources available for you to learn what all of these components can mean (like on this very blog). Research these things carefully because your logo is going to be face of your company; you want to make sure it represents you well and conveys the message you want.

Avoid Clichés

There are some symbols and fonts which are used time and time again in logos. Stay away from using those really popular elements, even though it might be tempting. Symbols like check marks, exclamation points, or thought bubbles are used frequently in logos. Instead, try a symbol which is unique to your product, business name, or brand.

You’re different. You want to show that to your potential customers. So how can you do that? Well, consider experimenting. Fortunately, options to do it yourself are better than ever, thanks to sophisticated AI-driven logo-makers such as Logojoy, which draws up suggestions based on your input, or DesignHill, which gives you a blank canvas and user-friendly tools to bring your vision to life. A higher-end custom logo design option would be HFB Advertising Design for a full-suite of services.. You could also consider designing your own typeface. Maybe you want your symbol to be an abstract representation of your product. There are no rules that say you have to stick with your original idea. Try out a little bit of everything before you decide.

Ultimately, designing your logo should be fun! Be confident in yourself and your business; it’s unique and your logo should reflect that. Want to have a little help creating your own logo? Visit the website of Logojoy.